Thursday, February 12, 2009


The above is an e-update of the Festival Program (please feel free to download and share).
Watch this space for further updates.


  1. The kabir festival in Bangalore was a reounding success. It ws a revealation for me at a personal level..There was so much talent out on display there..I felt myself empty..I wanted more and more...

    I suggest to the organisers..I want these CDs to have Kannada and other regional language subtiltles. Iintend using the Cd Had-Anhad for my activities gainst Communalsim and for secularism.

    There is a [ problem though: the Muslim community may not like it..

    I wonder if there is a film/documentary which would bring up all the positives of all sects of Islam,without any criticism direct , and also all such positives of hisnduism to be shown to Hindu and Islam groups of people of all hues.